Move, Lord

by Markarians

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released September 7, 2012

Written, played, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Chad Murphy. All songs published by Chad Benjamin Murphy BMI. Cover photo by Jesse Snyder ( Dear Matt G: thanks for the bass guitar.



all rights reserved


Markarians Houserville, Pennsylvania

Imagine an alien species of explorers from a galaxy some 70 million light years distant. Countless generations have lived and died on the journey to Earth. Whole histories, micro-civilizations come and gone. But at last they are here. Markarians are here. Only…somewhere along the way, rounding the Sombrero Galaxy, they forgot why they came. And how to get back.

-Felix Singer, Athens, GA
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Track Name: Go & Ask Shelly
Gonna give him the house
Holy books on the stove
Yellow mark every word
It's all the guilt I've known

Gonna teach him to walk
In crooked paths gone straight
Gonna show him the bars
Gonna show him the gate

Now I'll never get my fingers wet
I say that with a heavy heart, I guess
Oh but wait, yeah, all too innocent
It's obvious: the little time I've spent

Go and ask Shelly
for little glass shells. Ah!
Water trickles down your spine
It's everlasting love
It's so much wrestling in the dust
There's not a secret I can't hide

Hardly tested at all
I dipped my head right in
I lost the power to crawl
But now I gave it to him

Oh potential to use
this power recklessly
A revelation or two
Like last delusional spring
Track Name: Alligators
Control your feelings
Or have trouble mating
Like all those river sharks with busted fins
who forget how to swim

Li'l tonight
I was bored by my age
Li'l tonight
I was clueless on that stage
O tonight
O tonight

Sister Alma
It's mostly mental
Remember David?
He said it's all just memory: shame and guilt and sin
Now he forgets where he lives
Track Name: Bombazine
Like lavender and chalk
You just talk and talk and talk
Track Name: Domino
I'm outside
with a black girl speckled white
Long drive
to Diamond Sands with Domino
to watch the coastline come and go

True believer
There's no end to times like these
It's no wonder
She speaks unknowingly of grief
and talks of death in dulcet tones

You will never understand
So will you comfort them?
Or comfort you?

She dreamed this:
A white horse running through the fog
Aching thunder, you were wrong

If so, what's that say for joy and hope?
So what.
Put that collar on my throat
And lead me on, I need the peace
of pretty fictions, mercy seats
Track Name: Borrowed Kingdoms
Do I ask too much?
Sacred lips I'm too afraid to touch
Hang a mirror inside and call it a temple
Prepare my thunderous mind
to get sick when your mouth sings,
"Earth gave us everything"

Tell me, when will I turn over?
Borrowed kingdoms, I might
hold on forever

Perfection's dead, now what?
Music's rolling in just as I'm rolling out
Put a symbol inside and call it a chapel
Release my thunderous mind
to run free when I'm icebound
in a wig and a nightgown